Arm interfering with tray

The arm of my team’s tray bot gets stuck easily (on the tray). How would I overcome/fix this problem?

either get rid of it, make a 4 bar so you can add the cross beam down more, make that go down more. Or get rid of it and make a capsule for the arms so they wont spread out if you dont have the cross beam.
We have no cross beam but we have a capsule that the arms slide in and it works amazingly.

Try moving the cross bracing up as far as possible.

Flip the 3 by on top over so that there are no edges sticking out. or just remove the one on top and use standoffs.

or just tilt forward before you lift.

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Our team has the same issue we have just coded it so that the tray automatically moves forward when the arm goes up,

You can put the intake on a hinge, which will increase compression, and also the tray will push the intake out as you stack. My team had the same issue and hinging fixed almost immediately, after some testing.


I’m not sure if you can do it with your current design, but we solved this issue during a rebuild by having the arms stick out in the back by a couple holes so we can cross brace behind the towers. That way, when the arms raise, nothing rubs against the tray. You do have to compromise the height you can raise your arms somewhat, but we can still get the middle height towers. I can get pics if you want

Ok thanks. Can you show me some pictures so I can get a better idea of what is happening?

Don’t mind the bent half cut bracing the towers, it’s supposed to be like that lol. We use these large 2x2x2 c channels from the V5 clawbot kits that fit a 1x2x1 c channel perfectly inside, but if you don’t have those, a regular 2 wide c channel should work fine.
image image


Thank you for the idea.

tilt forward while or during the process of raising the arms

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