Arm Issues

So my robot has a 5:1 ratio on the arm with high torque motors but it just wont lift, i have done some research and a 5:1 is the right ratio, could it be a weight issue? please help

How much does your robot weigh? We have the same ratio. We used to have a problem like that until we distributed our load I’ll include a diagram of how we have each side of our tower set up. In the diagram, each motor that is connected to the power expander has its own port.
Screenshot 2017-03-06 at 3.24.47 PM.png

it could be a weight issue but we are made out of all aluminum

Then I doubt that is the problem, do you have an lcd? If so, you should use the task that displays the voltage of the batteries. Do you have a power expander?

Do you have any elastics that help you throw that you are fighting when you lift? Also you might have extra friction somewhere. How many stars/cubes can you lift with your current setup?

yes we have a mechanism that shoots them off when we hang, and 2 cubes and 5 stars

Oh, are you having problems hanging your robot?


having major gear slippage

How do you have your motors set up? How many are you using?

3 on each side

If you are having problems with gears slipping, use screws instead of pop rivets on your bearing flats

we don’t have any pop rivets on our bot, only screws

Are you using bearing flats?

yes, everywhere there is a drive shaft

I’m not sure how to help. How do you have your motors configured? Do they have their own ports?

yes but two on each side have Y cables

Are you using a power expander?

yes we always have

Are the ones that have a Y-Split on the cortex power?