Arm Issues

no they are on the power expander, the entire lift is on the power expander

Okay, there is your problem, we had that problem when we did ours like that. We fixed it by putting 4 motors into the power expander (each with it’s own port) and 2 on the cortex (with a Y-Split). That should fix your problem

thank you that will help alot

Glad to be able to help a fellow Nathan!

are you going to worlds?

No, sadly. I chose a poor alliance partner. Because of that, I’m more than happy to help other friendly teams.

oh sorry, thanks for helping tho

How do you have your gears supported? For minimizing slippage, you should support the shaft running through the gear on both sides of the gear, and as close to the gear as you can. If you only support one side, or place your supports far from the point of contact, then there is a lot of opportunity for the system to flex and allow the gear teeth to slip.