Arm Lift Gear Ratios

I am using a 35:1 gear ratio for my arm lift, will a 21:1 be suffice. It will definitely be faster but will it support my arm. It is a single bar lift.

It should, I use a 1:15

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The most common ratios I have seen are 1:5 with 100RPM cartridges and 1:7 with 200 RPM cartridges.


I have been using a 1:7 for my arms which are holding the intakes

Is it a Dr4b type lift, or just a small lifter?

I mean technically both lifts would use 1:7

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It is just a single bar

We have a 15:1 ratio for our dr4b

I feel a 1:7 would work fine, but if you want a lot of torque (heavy claw or rollers), I would maybe double or triple that. I have a Dr4b with a 1:36 gear ratio.