Arm Lift

Hi guys. I am so sorry for posting so much about the arm but we are really struggling. First we used the chain bar but it didn’t work because of technical issues and space issues. And now we ditched the chain bar and built the 4 bar lift. The 4 bar should be working fine but we seriously don’t know where to attach the motors. Here are the pictures.

We worked on the robot for about 8 days straight. We seriously are having a huge issue with the arm…

I can’t even see where the motor is that powers that *super *long 4-bar. Also that may be part of the problem, too much weight on the 4-bar. I don’t think you need a 25 hole arm for that. For example, my robot has like a 12 hole arm for the 4bar, made of standoffs. Full c-channels are way too heavy, make some half cuts or something. Also you don’t need those plates on the rollers, use less metal on those. Also you don’t need HS gears for rollers. Also use rubber bands to help