Arm raising issues

I was driving, to test and make sure everything is fine and working, tried to lift the arms, looked, and found this. Help?20190919_184304

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it appears you are using one motor, and in that case you need to use high strength shafts.


use high strength gears and shafts


Does anyone know if drilling out the holes may reduce agility?

I dont quite know how to transfer it to high strength shafts. I know about the gears and lock collars, but how do I do it for the holes? I have the flats.

There are bearings for high strength shafts. You can drill holes on your c channels

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Is there a way to do this without high strength shafts?

Add another motor maybe?

Edit: I just noticed you are only using one 12T gear. Try add another one for the 84T gear on the left side

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@sarah_97963A I dont have that many motors to spare

It would work better if you have one 12T metal gear for each 84T gear


Why is this? It would be very slow.

Add a 12T gear here. Won’t affect the speed


I feel like that would affect torque, and stress the shafts?

Trust me it won’t. It will make your system works better


It transfers motor power to both sides of your lift

Edit: either way, it’s not too hard to do and there’s no harm in trying.


Ok, I’ll try it. Also, do you know why the shaft twisted?

you just have too much force on the axle, and you’re transferring power across it, which is usually bad, although sometimes unavoidable. high strength shafts would fix this issue.


I don’t love the high strength shafts, and dont know how to have the holes fit them well. What sized bit should I use?

How do I get this shaft off?1568942569459753354841177989181

I don’t know how they’re attached, but I would take off the rightmost C-Channel and the gear, and then just pull.