Armadillo Linkage

Hey guys (and gals), second time poster here.

I took some advice from one of my other posts, and because I had robotics today I decided to cook up a little something something for ya. I call it the Armadillo Linkage. It’s my own special take on the mogo intake.

Here’s the YouTube link:

I utilized two high torque motors and some gears.
I decided not to go mainstream and instead decided to use a mechanism that I saw a long time ago in the original Vex Robotics Manual.

Just wondering what you all think. It’s obviously a prototype, the gripping part still needs a bit of work in order to grip the goals better. However, it is competition ready–despite how it appears, the robot does fit within 18in when in the starting position.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

This would destroy in skills.

think you might want to take note of these 2 pointers…

  1. Gear ratio… kinda slow at the moment
  2. the size limit when your robot is fully extended in both directions

For the purposes of analyzing torque and speed this is a four bar linkage. Two bars are obvious, the lift bar and the chassis on which the gears are mounted. The two gears are the remaining bars.

@anjaz101 20 point zone?

It shows it at 0:20 in the video

If you would like more info on things similar, some are called ferris wheel or choo choo lifts. They are popular in vex and in FRC and a few others so you may get an idea outside of vex.

Please stop making up names for things already in existence. It just creates confusion and is pretty annoying.

What’s the big deal if he makes up a name for something. Just call it whatever the crap you want and he’ll call it whatever the crap he wants. If it bothers you that much than just leave the vex forums and stop making such a big deal about this.

There he goes renaming stuff again

Lookin kinda sketch

It’s been a solid idea for many teams across many different robotics competitions. Is it the best, maybe, maybe not, it all depends on how you use it.

I love saying that when people show me sketches


Hey guys (and gals), third time replier here.

Just wanted to address one thing.

In reference to the video,

Although the idea is similar in that there is a small gear driving a big gear, I don’t really see how it’s the same. Unless you didn’t realize that the camera is sideways, even the direction of movement is different.

The person’s intake uses a similar concept in that the movement of the lift is dictated by the diameter and movement of the larger gear. My intake utilizes two gears moving in tandem to move the mogo grabber into position.

Also, just to clarify for all those reading through this reply, as I stated in the og post, I got the idea for the Armadillo Linkage from the original Vex Manuals. I only took a simple mechanism and modified it so that it could pick up the mogos.

Finally, shoutout to the creator of that FERRIS WHEEL INTAKE. That’s a unique design that I have yet to see anybody using.

I look forward to hearing more from the community.

Just to clarify, your lift is a choo choo or a ferris wheel lift due to the gear diameter changing the lifting arc. That is why it is called the wherris wheel lift due to that fact. Yours is just modified, but it is still the same system. Instead of one pivot, you created two. I feel that that isn’t enough to merit a new name for the community, but by all means you can use it for yourself. I simply ask that you try to find out common names for things that are similar, and try to determine if the modifications you make are enough to merit a new subclass/ name.

LMAO, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you’re the creator

What are u talking about, that is the greatest linkage known to man kind. 1961X>1961U

Why would you ever associate the poor armadillos with this

I’m still trying to find out how they got armadillo from this.