Armbot on autopilot... Which programming software is better? Modkit or RoboC?

Hello I am new with Vex IQ. I was wondering if it is possible to use Modkit to code the Armbot in order to make it work on autopilot mode?. I thought the Armbot on autopilot mode (with sensors) would work straight out of the box… but I wasn’t able to make it work. Of course, I had no problems with Driver Control mode… I was able to operate my Armbot with no problem using my remote control. But I really want to see it operating on autopilot. Any advice? Which programming software is better? Modkit or RoboC?
Thank you

RobotC has the notion of “Autonomous” vs. “TeleOp” mode. I guess modkit would behave in a similar manner - either you drop the controller on your workspace (and use it to control the drivebase), or you don’t, and then you can do things like: “When START: drive FWD 500mm”.
Or are you talking about the “Autopilot” program built into the brain firmware? That needs no programming, it’s a pre-built behavioural demo.

So, can you explain what do you mean by: “operating on autopilot” and “I wasn’t able to make it work”: What have you done, what did you expect and what happened instead?

The Autopilot is for the Clawbot/Clawbot chassis, not for the Armbot. I think for the Armbot, you need to write your own code.
I have written a program for the Armbot to sort the coloured cubes from Highrise into stacks. I have done it in ROBOTC and Modkit, essentially the same functionality in both. For some reason the Modkit one is a little unreliable, ROBOTC one will run all day long without missing a beat.