Armbot problems?

Step 87 in the building instructions calls for 8x pitch metal shaft but the shaft comes out of the 2x3 Angle Beam. Needs 10x pitch metal shaft and two shaft collars.
Step 88 calls for 1x12 Beams but if assembled as shown in the instructions, the beams will pop off the 4x4 Offset Right Angle Beams. Needs 1x14 beams.

Could you explain further what you are asking?

Step 87 needs an 8x pitch shaft which is 4". I have an Armbot here next to me using an 8x pitch shaft at this point - can you explain the issue you are seeing?

Step 88 needs 1 x 12 Beams. Again, on the Armbot I have here that is correct. I am not using 1x14 beams for this. Could you explain the issue you are seeing?

My guess is that you have something wrong in the rest of the assembly somewhere that is causing these issues. Perhaps post some pictures of what you have so far.


I think that if I move the shoulder or elbow too far, the axle comes off the 2x3 Right Angle Beam and the 1x12 beams pop off the 4x4 Offset Right Angle Beams. The motors need to be slowed down.

Yes, if you force the arm past it’s limits you can certainly damage this part. There is a Bumper Switch as part of the standard build which you can use in your code to prevent the arm travelling too far.

The Armbot is an excellent robot for learning how to do some pretty neat stuff with VEXcode IQ. For example, writing some code to initialise the robot to set some datum points that you can then use as software markers for which to not let the motors move beyond.