Arms raising diff

Hi, so we arm making the arms on our robot. The arm closer to the motor is raising higher than the other. We are using 1 100rpm motor with a 1:5 gear ratio. We have tried using a cross brace in the back and it hasn’t changed anything really. Any help?

Can you post a picture of the arms raised?

My first thought is that using one motor is going to be difficult as it is. Better to use two, one on each side. Otherwise, if you must use one motor, connect the two arms with a high strength axle powered by the motor.


Use banding on the side without a motor which should balance it out

Pictures are pretty much needed, but a probable culprit is twisting of your shaft that spans from arm to the other. It helps to connect the arms with a c-channel, which also improves compression (for intaking cubes). Definitely use a high-strength shaft to span the gap. Rubber banding is also helpful, especially if you only have one motor raising your arms. Use screws for joints where you can instead of shafts, it reduces twisting of the joint. Rigidity is your friend.

I agree that with the information so far, it most likely will be a twisted axle.

Try cross bracing the arms this way:
connect one diagonal of the X to the top of the arms and the other diagonal to the bottom, then connect the two in the middle. Our team does this and our arms have almost no slop despite being powered only on one side. Also, we have no axle connecting the two arms.