Around how long do virtual interviews take for worlds?

Around how long do virtual interviews take for worlds? and does your whole team have to be there?

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The interview itself is only 10 minutes (timed), plus a few minutes of prelim info. The whole team should be there if at all possible, just like at a regular in-person interview. They can be on different zoom links, though - they don’t all have to be in the same physical room. Some even log in on phones (although that can create technical difficulties with zoom, I understand).


theres a cap off at around 10 minutes.

So we will need to have zoom on the computer? Or can we just use the browser? Our district made it so that zoom was blocked (for download) because we have a grant with WebEx. We can still go to the website if we are not on our school wifi.

You’ll need to have zoom somehow, either by app or browser, that part doesn’t really matter. It would be helpful if you tested your zoom app/laptop/microphone setup (set up a zoom meeting with another computer in a different room) prior to the interview, to ensure that picture is good, sound is good, and maybe even practice your team’s appearance and approach with a mock interview, to be sure everyone can be seen, heard, and is comfortable presenting to the camera. If you’re going to show off aspects of your 'bot (I would recommend it), then be sure you know how to present that to the camera, too.


Ok, I have robotics today, and will definitely do this. We have a dell laptop just for robotics that has a good camera and microphone, so we should be good there.

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