array of function pointers in robotC

I have an array that should populate with pointers to other functions. The way robotC handles this seems to be different than other c/c++ compilers i have used. given this variable:

void *autonFuncs[AUTON_NUMBER] = { &auton30ptRight, &auton30ptLeft,
                                   &auton11ptRight,  &auton11ptLeft

I get this error

**Error**:Internal Compiler: Unexpected use of proc 'auton30ptRight' in an expression

for each of the function pointers.

how would i evaluate, for example


and am i even initializing this right, normally i would need () around the variable name but here it gives an error.

Thanks in advance

As far as I’m aware RobotC does not support function pointers. It lacks many of the more advanced features from c and definitely from c++.

I feared as much, yet another reason to use PROS. Thanks for the clarification.