Arrogant or confident? (Poll)

Is it arrogant or confident to have a blindfold on during autonomous if you know your autonomous is consistent?

  • Arrogant
  • Confident
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I think that you should not have on a blindfold during the autonomous portion of the match, as you can scout other teams by seeing what their autonomous programs do.


I think if you set up the theme of your team correctly. like naming your team “Scales of Bot Justice” and have everyone dressed in the judge robes, you might be able to get away with it.

If I just saw someone in a t-shirt do it, I’d be frustrated.


In case anyone is seriously considering doing this, please don’t.

Doing so could be a safety risk if, for example, a robot is not fully confined within the field and extends into the driver station.


This kinda reminds me of something. On raised fields, it is a common trend here for teams to all put our heads lower than the perimeter and the entire alliance would look through the polycarbonate during the autonomous period.

Because many teams do it, its just a unique trend that we kind of just accept. 285 kind of started it last season, and its ever since been a staple. Id suggest doing that as its both safer and a unique experience you share with your team and your partner team. PS: It looks even cooler when a tray would flip out above you.


I just stand there and matrix dodge it or something when the tray comes around. The way I grip the controller ensures my sensitives are well protected.
But in all seriousness, dont wear a blindfold unless you want to take the risk of getting knocked in the head. Either way I wouldn’t care, because your auton isnt going to change based on whether or not you can see it. So I mean, go for it I guess??

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I vote unsafe and stupid. It’s stupid because if this is the ONE time it fails, you have no idea what happened.


I mean what is the point of doing this? What do you gain? The way I see it you only lose valuable information about your auton and others and others as well as the safety concerns.


you already won auton, don’t have to flex on them THAT hard

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This seems like a terrible idea. As others have mentioned, there are safety risks and less opportunity to gather information, and also it will come across badly both with the audience and with potential alliances.

Also, what if the autonomous didn’t work, or the team couldn’t get the blindfold off before driver control?


In our state, we don’t allow the drivers to have the controllers in their hands during autonomous.

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On a similar note, what do y’all think of this? Dropping remotes w/ 25 seconds left.

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This is something that I do sometimes but I would never do it in an elims match there is too much on the line. I only do this if there is simply nothing more for me to do. its not out of disrespect or anything it just signifies that I have done what i set out to do and performed to the fullest of my abilities in that match.