Article on PID

Found this article today on pid and wanted to share it, it’s probably the first time I’ve had pid explained to me and actually understood it


Yes, a lot of people find this document helpful. That’s why it has been shared on the forum a fair bit in the past.

Ah. Rip. Guess that’s what I get for being too lazy to see if it had already been posted. Well hopefully somebody will find me reviving it useful


Thank you very much! I found that document very helpful. Thanks for reviving it @MasterCole!

I for one have never seen this, thanks!

There is a more modern version here if anyone is interested.


Also, I wrote one (I never got around to explaining D though) a while ago.
You can check it out if you want:
I can try to get around to finishing it, and provide examples, if people want.
The current documents are pretty solid though.