Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Code

Hi Everyone!

This is my second year in the Vex Scene. I was just wondering if you could use a text-based artificial intelligence (ex: ChatGPT). This isn’t for my team but I was at a tournament and I heard chatter that their programmer used ChatGPT for his Skills script. I’m also a programmer and I hate when people use ChatGPT for programming, so I wanted to check how legal it is. This doesn’t seem legal but I don’t know.

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Really? Why so?

ChatGPT and similar models have been revolutionary for a hobbyist programmer like myself. I can throw it errors that I’m facing and it will explain what’s going wrong so I can learn without spending an hour a day on StackOverflow. It does so quite well an impressive amount of the time.

I don’t know how the RECF would enforce a no AI assistance policy. AI is now an industry standard tool, so surely it is something students should know how to use properly and effectively.


I would think <g4> might answer that or <R2> …

Simple way to test either - “hey kid, write me a quick program to … for your robot.” and “oh, the inter web is down…”


They’re going to be at the tournament I have on Saturday, I’ll try that lol.

I probably should have worded that better. I hate it when people use it for competitions like this. Same with game jams, it just doesn’t feel right, I don’t know. I mean, I will occasionally use it for my projects, but I am against using it in a competitive state like this.

and yet, they don’t … Trust me, I’ve been presented embarrassing uses of AI that really show why <G1>, <G4> and <R2> exists.

Maybe this ties in quite nicely with the other thread about the programming tests reportedly being conducted at events in China.

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Did this at Iowa State Robotics yesterday, he was caught red-handed. Thank you for the idea.

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