Arts Division Discussion

There is the Arts division team list.

Here is our Reveal, 5062A–Wisconsin Vex starstruck State Champion.
6 bar design
Aggressively defensive ability
6 speed drive, 4 speed lift, 2 claw
7~8 stars capacity
Multiple autonomous

All our match video can be found here. Any playlist with Prometheus in the title has them in every video.

the team recently switched to a different drive platform that hasn’t really been caught on film. The sticky fields of nationals didn’t allow us to strafe properly so the students moved away from that design and embraced the more popular platforms. So to those watching, we’ve sped things up.

a few bullets

  • 6 auton routines per tile
  • 7 star capacity
  • 2 cubes like it’s their job
  • current record is 48 - 6 in the regular season

136S - Starfighter

Specs can be found here:

1826A - The Fuse

536C - Life

4 motor speed drive
6 motor 1:5 torque lift
2 piston pneumatic claw
Multiple autons for each tile
8 star capacity

This video is a bit out of date.

H-Bomb can currently:

-carry 7 stars comfortably and 10 maximum
-carry 1 cube and 3 stars easily, and 1 cube and five stars at most
-pick up and carry 2 cubes using 2 different techniques, depending on their position, and maybe even a star with them.
-use driver loads to carry 1 cube and five stars, 2 cubes, or even 3 cubes

These stats might sound a bit too good to be true, so we will be willing to show you its veracity in person at Worlds if you so desire.

Season Stats:
Best 3rd, avg 8th ( not counting regionals)
22-6-2 regular season record
Southern New England Regional Champions

5956A - Bangarang

If you have any questions just let me know.

This is our robot.

See you in Arts.

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Good to see the Indiana teams representing on the feeds. Keep it up!

Wait, did we just see something different? Breaking with the norm! Good luck!

Leave a note and tell me specifically about ur robot if u want to team up for alliance.

we do cubes