ARTS Division Info Spreadsheet

Hey Everyone.

I have made a Google Sheets web based spreadsheet to help keep track of the teams in the arts division for worlds. I’ve put many hours into it, and I have used the vRating from VexDB to allow teams to get an idea of what teams are likely to be the powerhouse teams ahead of time. I also have added the ability to track reveal videos and robot types.

The Link:
Vex Arts Division Info Sheet

I think you’ll find the sheet cool and useful. Please Help edit it to be more complete, and please share it with other teams in the Arts Division!

The spreadsheet is great. One thing I would recommend is not using Vrating to rank teams. I’m pretty sure Nathan Allen (who runs VexDB) and Ruiqi Mao (who I think did most of the work behind the current Vrating) would say the same - the calculation seems to give large changes in result for small changes in input, and the end product isn’t a very good measure of team performance.

What I would recommend is using each team’s highest recorded OPR. It’s definitely not a perfect measure because it’s affected by the scoring ability and defensive ability of other teams at the events a team played at, but I’ve still found it to be the most informative measure of match performance this season.

Edit: Later today I can upload the script to pull max OPRs for Worlds teams from the VexDB api.

As promised. You’ll need Python if you want to run the script, but the result you’ll get is what’s already in the .csv file (which you can open in Microsoft Excel, Notepad or a similar program)
Worlds (3.6 KB)

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OK, it was intended to add other ways of viewing the teams, just vRank was convenient when putting it together. I’m planning on adding sorting by just about everything you might possibly want. I have pulled info live from robot before, and I’m thinking of adding a tab for tournament ranking, along with average ranking, # of tourneys attended, highest auton score, you name it.

I’m at the airport now getting ready for the flights, and I might have time to work it in before takeoff.

I can give you full edit permission on the sheet if you want to add stuff directly. Just need your Google account. (Email)

I just made a bunch of changes, including adding a sort by Max OPR for all divisions and just the art division. Check the revisions out!