ARTS Division Reveals

In the same vein as the other threads, post your reveals here if you’re in the arts division.

This should help consolidate information and make scouting easier.

For reference, here’s a link to the division list:

Here is 10Q’s reveal for those interested:

Our robot video is located on this thread, one update to be made is that we now have a 24 pt skyrise autonomous, and a 6 pt cube autonomous.

Here is the link to our reveal post:

Some small updates since then, mainly in programming. Nothing huge though…added a cube auto.

I have made a spreadsheet with reveal videos and other useful stuff on it.
All of the videos mentioned here are already on it, along with a few more.

Feel Free to check it out:
Vex Art Division Info Sheet

Can we give you info to put in on our teams and other teams in our region?


The easiest way to add your team’s info to the sheet is to right click on the relevant cell, and then click “Insert Comment.” Then, comment whatever should be in that box. I’ll add it to the sheet next time I’m looking at it.

Here is 675E’s video along with an info sheet on our robot.
vex worlds 675E flyer.pdf (459 KB)

7682’s reveal thread

62 revealed here: