Arts Division Reveals

Hey guys, when I used to compete a few years back, I started a thread like this before worlds and it got alot of good feedback so I figured I would bring it back :slight_smile:

ARTS DIVISION TEAMS! Post your reveal videos below! be sure to specify WHICH BOT is your bot if your reveal contains multiple bots!

Feel free to start a similar thread if you are in another division!

Will post if we have time to make one!

Here is a teaser of our robot stacking 19 cones from a month ago, it is A LOT faster now and a lot more efficient

Although I am in the research division, another team from out state is in that division, they can only stack 3 cones on two mobile goals or get all four in without stacking. And they only can get 82 in driver and 5 in autonomous. If you want a video of one of their matches to see their robot just ask.

which team, and sure

8330a classical mechanics.
They are the red alliance, closet to camera.
If you so happen to alliance with them one match tell them 3273b says hi lol

Are you from 8330a?
If not, then i dont know what’s your intention of talking about another team.
And the way you are talking about it… doesn’t seem flattering at all.

Just a suggestion - Always remember… how you treat other teams will affect how other teams view your’s and their perceptions will in turn affect their decision making during alliance selection.

No we are I’m on 3273b but Ik half the members of that team and we’re really great friends, we were hoping we could alliance at state but we couldn’t Bc we realized that if we did we would not stand a chance

Here is a teaser of my reveal coming out next week!

I don’t have a reveal yet but hey all, Disco Cali will be there

Ew not high strength

Why would u say that…

sorry I just remembered that disco was from Texas and Canada. I never heard of cali disco before, so I was surprised they made it to worlds

Again, no offense I deleted my post

Team 10955m
We can stack 16 cones 30-40 stack from the ground
Stationary 20 seconds 11 stack
Auton: 24 points, 12 points, 7 points.
Stack from the side and grab from the wall
6 motor drive turbo gear. All geared
Side stack along with 4 cones stack from the ground 30 secs in total grabbing the mobile goal and stacking
Robot weighs 16.3lbs
16-24 cones not including auton Possible 26-28 Goal:30 cones Side note: No alliance cones included
Good in both defensive and offensive play
Overheating: 0
Based 120/127
Gear Ratio: 1:1 base turbo gear

Our new one is twice as fast in both speed and power

I wanna apologize Bc the person on this was not currently on the team. But now it is in the hands of the team. I am truly sorry this won’t happen again and 8330 is a really good team trust me.

Ok I trust you :slight_smile:

We unfortunately will not be completing a reveal in time for worlds. 2560S is excited to compete alongside all of you! :slight_smile:

Here is my reveal! Hope you all enjoy.

1437z coming boiz