Arts Division - Sack Attack

Divisions are posted,

Post a link to your reveal or info of your team if you are in the Arts Division.

4886a is in the Arts division :slight_smile:
Here is our reveal video, I look forward to competing in the new division!

1492A will be competing in the Arts division. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

7702 - Steel Eagle II will be competing with Talus. Good luck to all and have fun!

Techna Pwn Robotics is looking forward to the new Arts Division, our robot reveal was just re-posted in the robot reveal thread, check it out if you haven’t already. See you all in a couple of days.

Team 5854, looking forward to compete with / against everyone in the Arts division!

Team 8059B from Singapore… some of you might even have played against or with them in previous years.
See you guys on Wed :slight_smile:

Team 1241Q: The Black Sheeba will be in the arts division!

Here is the official reveal of The Black Sheeba!

I believe 2921B is in Arts Division…


10Q is looking forward to competing in Arts! Here’s two of our auton routines:

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

-Exothermic Hazard (10Q)

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all to check out the 569 pits! If any of you remember plinko, we’re having our own with a little NHRC flair. Look for the three 569 teams and come win a prize!

Here’s a video preview

That emcee in Arts is amazing.