Arty the dual-bot (Semiconductors 8086A)

Hi This year my team (8086A) decided to build something that many people said would be impossible, however, nothing is impossible and with many different lift prototypes, rover prototypes, connector prototypes, and tower prototypes we built Arty the dual-bot. Arty is and offensive robot unlike what you might think a dual-bot would be. It is great at cooperation because the to drivers don’t have to do the same thing. R (Rover) puts cubes on skyrises and post while T (Tower) puts skyrises pieces on. Arty has over 250 feet of wire which is almost the size of a foot ball field. Our team has also put in over 900 student hours. If you would like to see Arty the dual-bot come see us in the high school pits at worlds (8086A). Hope to see you soon!:slight_smile:
P.S. Here is a video of our mid-season reveal and our submission for the innovate award!

Very impressive and innovative! Would be interesting to see the cube bot with a 2 cube capacity.

Its almost impossible to have a 2 cube capacity because of not a lot of motors we tried but coundn’t get it :mad:

You can have a pneumatic assisted lift for the cube bot if you have enough air.

Wow! great robot. Why did you choose to have a turret on your cube robot? Does this make your cube robot much lighter and faster? Also, how did you get 250 feet of wiring on your robot, that is amazing! I cant wait to see it at worlds, this will be a true winner.

Thanks! We choose the turret because of the connector and being kind of hard to drive with it that way we don’t have to turn in order to pick up cubes. Also, the robot has 250 feet of wire because of all the wire going through the connector, plus the average amount of wire on rover and all the wire that feeds through tower to run up towers arm and connect to the power expander

Nice job on the robot.

It seems like you would be able to do this if the mobile robot didn’t have a turntable to spin the lift. Why not just use the wheels to turn? Then you could put more motors on the lift.

Nice robot by the way!

The connector has a major negative impact on the turning of the robot. The first rover we built had a two motor drive and was only able to turn about 90*. The current rover can turn a lot more but if it turns too many times it will still get tangled in the connector. The turret removes much of the need to turn.

In addition, the rover has a passive intake and it would hard to build a passive, easy to use intake that could hold two cubes. Also, the intake couldn’t hang down as the rover can only put cubes on a 5 skyrise by a little bit.