As an absolute beginner, how do I become really good at VEX?

Expose yourself to the process of building, driving and programming the robot.

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Thanks for the feedback.
This is for VRC,


Don’t try to build the meta right of the bat, especially if you don’t fully understand how to use the vex building system to its fullest, if your super new to vex try and just make something you feel comfortable.

I’ll link a pic of my teams programming robot I built in a few days that would be a decent start in my opinion image image


I haven’t read the other responses, so I’ll probably repeat things.
(In chronological order for a season)
1.Learn the basics of robotics, VEX has older videos on youtube explaining small things like gear ratios and pairing the controller to the brain, you can message me (or probably anyone else) for more in-depth tips to build a solid robot.
2.Browse the internet, that includes youtube, the forums, and anything else to get good ideas.
3.Try creating an idea you like, but put your own spin on it.
EX:Make sure you work as a team, you all want to play an equal part and share drive time or else there could be a LOT of drama, just make sure you’re kind and you treat everyone on your team as equals.
4.Go to an early season competition, this will give you an idea of where you’re at in your progress, and also get a peek at the best robots in your area, bookmark that and go to another competition just in case there were some teams you missed.
5.Take as much time as you can after the early season competitions and make large changes to your robot. Whether it’s a fresh idea you had or the idea of a robot from one of the early competitions you went to. Just take some time to make your robot more awesome, but not so insane that it’s unfinished when the next competition rolls around.
6.Leave enough time to practice driving, some may think they’re gods with the joysticks and don’t need much time driving (this also goes for making a program), you will need to practice driving that robot you built until you can solidly drive an obstacle course.
7.Enjoy it. Work hard, but don’t work so hard that robotics isn’t fun anymore. It’s an activity, not labor.
Good luck!


Get good fast, that’s all you need to know