Asia Pacific Robotic Championship in Dongguan, China

We are seeking feedback from other teams that have traveled to China. This is our first international travel experience and we are a little anxious about taking a team of 7-9 year olds to a VEX IQ tournament.

What experiences do you have traveling to China?

What travel tips and suggestions do you have for our team?

Please let us know if you are going to this tournament.

Thanks in advance for you help!

Have fun! You might be the first VEX IQ to make the trip.

How was the trip?

Thinking about going with VEX IQ from New Zealand, but might be getting a bit too close to get it organised

Aloha Mrs.B,
Our school, Island Pacific Academy in Kapolei, Hawaii sent 3 teams to the 2014 Asia Pacific Championships in Dongguan, China. One VEX high school team and two VEX IQ middle school teams. It was a great experience for all of us. This event was very well run and it was so interesting to experience a new culture. Our middle school team was first place in the rankings. We were teamed up with a team from China for the final alliance selection and they were awesome. At the end of it our middle school VEX IQ team won the Teamwork Champion and Excellence Award. America won in China for VEX IQ!! Yippee. We would definitely go again. Go USA!!