Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship 2012

The Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship is coming to the TelstraClear Pacific Events Center in Auckland, New Zealand on December 6-8! With 70 teams registered in the High School Division, 77 teams registered in the Middle School Division, the BDS competition and the Humanoid Robot competition, it will be the largest robotics competition ever held in the Southern Hemisphere!

Run by the Kiwibots in conjunction with the Asian Robotics League, this promises to be a challenging few days in one of the most competitive VEX regions in the world. The winning alliance teams, excellence award, and design award winners from each division will qualify for the 2013 World Championships. Skills challenges will also be run, with scores contributing to the world skills rankings.

Event Pages on RobotEvents:
High School:
Middle School:

Almost 100 volunteers will be on-site to help ensure the competition is running smoothly, including translators, trained referees, and field queuers. Matches are being run as consecutively as possible across four fields, and we’re anticipating the venue to be packed to the rafters - it’s going to be an exciting competition!

Yes, the event will be live streamed. [ (thanks Hayden) - remember the event times in the schedule are in NZDST (New Zealand Daylight Savings Time).]( (thanks Hayden) - remember the event times in the schedule are in NZDST (New Zealand Daylight Savings Time).)

Brb popcorn -munchmunch-

Woah, getting popcorn for 12 days. That must be a lot of popcorn. Except you’re eating it already. What?

:eek:. What a massive effort by the Kiwibots and the ARL. Seriously impressive stuff, this promises to be an event of epic proportions! We are only 12(?) days out from Asia Pacific at the moment, so I hope everyone is ready!

Everyone make sure you tune into the stream to support the organisers as much as possible! Us competitors will try to show some matches and some robots you will never forget :D. I’m going to make a bold claim that the finals of this tournament are going to be the most competitive matches so far this season, so make sure you tune in! And also, as Sweetmochi said, get your popcorn ready.

Popcorn coma. Worth it. But yeah…this is going to be an amazing tournament. Brace yourselves, the robot copies are coming…

We will be streaming the entire event from the following link below and as mentioned above - all will be in NZDT (GMT +13). A match schedule will be released shortly with times once everything has been confirmed.

Updates for the event will be posted through the Kiwibots Facebook Page


This is going to be an amazing event in less than 2 weeks and good luck to all those competing in the event - it will be great to see what China, Singapore & NZ has designed over the past few months](

Middle School: [, trained referees, and field queuers. Matches are being run as consecutively as possible across four fields, and we’re anticipating the venue to be packed to the rafters - it’s going to be an exciting competition!

Yes, the event will be live streamed. Link will be posted in this thread - remember the event times in the schedule are in NZDST (New Zealand Daylight Savings Time).translators](

Ooh, translators! Are they stationed in the pits? Translators would’ve been helpful at Worlds while we were trying to communicate with some other teams via pictograms.

Unfortunately we don’t have THAT many translators to have them wandering around the pits. They are mostly allocated to the judges, who are interviewing the teams and need to be able to talk to non-English speaking teams.

Hmm… I thought it has already started… the scooper-bots and the 6-bar rollers-bots?

Still think these 2 designs will be the mainstream designs…

You need translators?
Well… All Singaporean teams are effectively bi-lingual.

Look out for us during the World if you need a translator… we will be more than happy to help :slight_smile:

maybe some “high goal” special addons
and maybe a wallbot if we’re lucky :slight_smile:

Super stacker nuf said

Or do you mean… if we’re “lucky” :rolleyes:

We lost to THE wallbot in the last World… :frowning:

Update on alliance selection, from here:

However, judges will notice teams that go out of their way to select alliance partners that are not from their country.

Best of luck to all teams competing,


Recent announcements:

  • There will be no timeouts during the elimination rounds. This is in order to keep the event to schedule, as there is no way we can push the end time back any further.

  • Inspectors will be visiting pit to pit rather than at a central inspection table, so you must have your robot ready for inspection at 9AM on Thursday. Do not expect to have Thursday morning to fix your robot.

  • ONE joystick power adapter is provided per team at the fields. If you use a partner joystick, it will have to use it’s own power - the only legal power option for these is 6 AAA batteries; hacked controllers with single 7.2V batteries will not be legal. Old crystal joysticks will need to have their own power (a single 9.6V VEX battery).

  • Our final ruling on intakes is that if the parts that interact with game elements pose an obvious risk, such as sharp pieces of metal or bolts, they will not pass inspection. However if the risk is questionable, inspectors will rule in your favour and allow the intake to pass. However, if your robot causes damage to field elements (such as a ripped sack), the robot will be disqualified. The judges will, of course, be reasonable when exercising their judgement. Use rigid and metal intakes at your own risk.

  • A reminder that driver control loads (previously known as match loads) cannot be introduced during autonomous.

  • All robots must have space for a flag, which should be shown at inspection. The flag must fit inside the 18” size limit.

If a sack comes apart along a seam, will the team who handled the sack still be disqualified? I’ve found that sacks sometimes come apart at the seam even when handled very gently, and some even almost come apart out of the box. It seems ridiculous that a team could be disqualified due to a fault in a field element like this. I assume that an off occurrence like this won’t result in a DQ, but an egregious case of damage (ie actual ripping of the fabric) or a repeat offence will?

The referees will exercise their judgement depending on the specific case. What we’re saying is that if the intake looks dubious, and then turns out to damage sacks, the judges should disqualify, depending on the specific circumstances.

Sounds very ambiguous but I’ll trust the judges not to be unfair on teams :p.

What we will rule on is whether the contact made by any robot was the sole action that caused deliberate damage to the field object. We understand that this year’s game elements can fatigue over time, and sacks can be broken in normal game play without malicious intent. We have had sacks break during matches before and every time it has been obvious that it was not the fault of the team which was in contact with the sack at the time.

However, like many rules in VEX, this does ultimately come down to referee discretion. In all cases, please remember <T1>.

If anyone has any rules questions or clarifications at the event, please approach the Head Referee, not the field referees, as they will be busy running matches.

Have a safe (and fun!) tournament


Further Announcements:

  • There will a **VEX store **at Asia Pacific however this will only be stocked with a limited supply of motors, batteries, controllers and sensors. There will not be the whole store onsite, just these few limited components. **Only cash sales **will be accepted at the store.

  • We are happy to announce that VEX Via will be used for Asia Pacific 2012 to enable realtime results for teams.

  • Field queuers will be going to the pits in person to remind teams of upcoming matches. However, it is still the responsibility of teams to make sure they know when their matches are and are ready to compete, even if we are running ahead of schedule (given the layout of the venue it shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with the match numbers).