Asia Pacific Robotics Championship 2013 China Qualifier Ended

The teams from Hongkou, Shanghai had a wonderful achievement. We got the Tournament Champion, the Drive Skill 1st and Program Skill 1st.:smiley: Although we were the first of the skill competitions, we did not achieve our highest score.:o
The games were really superb. In addition, I will upload some video of the competition soon.:cool:

Great job on your achievements!
I am looking forward to those videos. :slight_smile:

Nice work String.
67 for prog skills is very impressive. Your coding efforts are bearing fruit!
Did you incorporate hanging in your skills routines?

Cheers, Paul

Well,if what I remember is right Hongkou choose 12 bucky balls in the goal and push balls into the high zone as many as possible.Though the score isn’t the highest they have achieve ,it’s amazing enough without hanging or stash.And String is the first guy has used robotc for prog during all China VEXer!

And I think String will not mind I show some pictures about they guys in Asia Pacific Robotics Championship 2013 China Qualifier soon!:P


Will match results, skills scores, or awards be posted on robotevents? It’d be nice to see the average scores of matches across the tournament as well as the top teams coming out of that region as they always do well.

Nothing posted in here yet:

Looks like a 67 would be the new #1 world programming score! Only one event posted so far here:

And that same Hawaiian event is in the drivers skills (and your programming score of 67 would make you third there, wow!)

Thanks for your encouragement.
We do not hang in our skills routines. We can manage the bucky balls quickly. With the simple construction, our robot’s speed is higher than other complex robots. However, we give up some abilities, such as hang and hold 3 bucky balls and 1 large ball at one time. We will improve our robot soon to make it keep the speed and add more abilities. We are looking forward to the excellent proformance of Oyes in the VexU.:smiley:

It’s an amazing match!We are very glad to be united with you.Your robot is so fast! 虹口威武!

Anyone else notice 6 buckeyballs in the cylinder? Does the 6th one count?

Per the Toss Up Game Manual, as long as the Bucky Ball is within the boundaries of the goal, it extends infinitely from within those boundaries. So yes it is scored.

Thank you! :wink: