Asia Pacific Vex Championship 2013

To all the NZ teams…

Any idea if you guys will be involved in this year APAC?
Heard it will be in Macau…

To be honest, I really don’t know if Free Range will be traveling to APAC this year, I rather doubt we will. Any funding we get for travel will probably be going towards Worlds, so unless we get the most incredible sponsor in the world I doubt we will go. Sorry!!! I would love to be there again :smiley: it’s such a good competition.


When is it this year? We would love to, but the cost is an issue :confused: also if its when it was last year its almost right on our final exams here >< (last year it was about a week after). But it would be nice to do one final competition as Lynfield… temping I must say.

At the moment, what we know is that it will be from 29 Nov to 1 Dec.
But as usual, still waiting for confirmation.

It will be such a waste if the NZ teams are not there, the competition will be so much poorer w/o the Lynfield, Free Range, OATS, etc.

I think it will be great if you can do one “ultimate” robot for your final competition… but then again… you are already a legend :slight_smile:

Hi Meng

Macau would be an awesome place to visit. My daughter is super keen and she doesn’t even do robotics! She loves Asia and plans to study in Dalian next year. I will talk to the boss(es) in my house to see if we can start to hatch a plan. Do you think APAC will be listed on Robot Events when the details are confirmed?

How did your teams get on at Singapore nationals? I bet there were some great skills runs? Would be great to hear some news from this event. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul

Well, as Chinese teams we have been told that it’ll hold in Macau and
this Chinese web will put out more information soon?(In fact I think that web is the last one I admit renew fast:p

Whatever an APVC cannot without you guys!Thought there are many Chinese teams just a little can do as well as String(Fuxing High School)!:smiley:
From you guys we can learn too much and the chance for community is precious.
After the event you’d better visit around because in China every place is different and many special amazing things are waiting be discovered!And don’t you think it’s a pity if you come to China by about 8 hours air just visit Macau? !If it’s possible I really hope you come to Beijing someday~
Please forgive my poor English=-=,

Hi Paul,

I just checked, they have just listed APAC on Robot Events… guess it is confirmed then - 29 Nov to 1 Dec, will be held in an university.
Made me wonder if we can stay in their hostels (to cut cost) :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be wonderful if OATS are going for APAC… we didnt have much opportunity to catch up during World.

It is just getting more and more challenging.
I think the robot skills winner clocked in 94 points, and the programming skills winning score is about 55.
One of my teams managed a 53 points (for programming skills) during a trial. But didn’t performed when it matters.

Well, as for the competition, 8059B had a 8-0-0 record during the Qualifying rounds, and clinched the Excellence Award.
But 8059B, 8059A and 8063C lost the final to 8063B, 8076B and 8059S.

8076B has a really effective large ball “descorer”… they were able to throw the large balls over the barrier in double quick time.

Most robots in the elimination rounds were able to stash bucky balls and handled large balls effectively.

We had one middle school team that was able to high hang with large ball as well.

I got to say that the overall standard for the competition was pretty high… considering it was still quite early in the season.

To those may be interested in APACs,

VRC Events in China (including Macau and Hong Kong) and Taiwan may not go as expected. Most events run in the “Chinese” way.

However you wont’ have to worry about APACs that in other countries (or organize with other associations, such as Kiwibots.

Could anyone give an update of the results or some videos?

The gist of it - Lots of large balls flying around and many robots hanging on the bars.

But seriously, I was not at Macau, this is what my team told me.

High School Category:

Champion Alliance: 8227C, 7973A, 8059A
1st Runner-up: 7856A, 8229B, 7972B
2nd Runner-up: 8227D, 7856B, 8059N

Robot Skills: About 95
Programming Skills: About 60

Thanks! Congrats for winning the champion alliance.