Asin Trig function does not return expected result

I’m having difficulty using the trig functions in Vex IQ Code Blocks. the function is not returning the correct value.
When I compute the asin(.707), I expect to get something close to 45 degrees or .785 radians. Instead I get something like 141.

Is this just incorrect? Or
Is it in some unit that I do not understand? If so what is the conversion to degrees?

141 is that value multiplied by pi. So just divide by pi to get degrees.


Thanks for the observation, that fixed everything. Is that intended behavior. It looks like they ended up with something halfway between degrees and radians.

  • Forgot to divide by 180 to get radians
  • But added in the multiply by pi so it is not degrees.

Thanks again!

Yep, you seem to be right. We noticed this previously but didn’t want to “fix” ahead of VEX Worlds in case anyone had mitigated the issue themselves… it’ll be apart of the next update to fix this properly (and likely make it degrees over radians, but we’re open to feedback)


Prefer degrees over radians if you are taking a poll.

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No problem! Glad I could help

Also prefer degrees over radians, but I did notice the cos/sin function require radians. Being consistent with degrees everywhere would be great!

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@tfriez The math major / teacher in me wants all radians… Would it be possible to to a degrees / radians drop down for all trig functions? I think it would be good to at least expose the kids to the idea that not everything is in degrees, and then you wouldn’t have to decide.



“sin (value) ->” gives you degrees
“sin (value) <- in radians” gives you radians…

Treat it like the “and don’t wait” operator…

The dev team might kill me for this idea…


We fixed this in the upcoming VEXcode VR being released tomorrow. We’ll fix it in the next release for IQ and V5 moving forward.

The immediate solution is just to return degrees.