Assemble the field -- How to?

How do you assemble / disassemble your field? We have not hit on a good fast way that does not require massive lifting.

Our current flow:

*]Assemble the sides (3) with the straight clips. This means rotating the sides with a single clip attached, a bending issue.

*]Attach two corner blocks on the right side of the wall, top and bottom.

*]Move the sections into position making the square

*]Lift a corner to insert the bolts from underneath for the corner. Repeat for other corners.

Better ideas?


(This was prompted by the field thread on different shaped fields)

The biggest problem I have with the design is the need to lift the corners to insert the final screws. Here is how we go about assembling our field.

  1. Lay out two sides parallel and fasten the panels together top and bottom with the straight brackets.

  2. Attach the corner pieces on the bottom at each end of those two sides with one screw at each bracket.

  3. Assemble the remaining two sides, of 3 panels each, and lay in position. Do not attach any corner pieces.

  4. Raise two adjacent sides into position and attach the top corner bracket. At this point you should have one screw missing on the bottom side of the corner bracket

  5. To avoid lifting and twisting the field sides, we insert the remaining screw for the bottom corner bracket so it is pointing down, serving as a pin (thread the screw into the captive nut and down through the hole in the bracket). See attached photos.

  6. Repeat for the other corners.

Really, the only difference is that one screw in each coner is inserted into the captive nut backwards, top down, so you don’t need to lift the sides and insert it. The screw still pins the bracket in place. We have used this approach for 3 years now, and never ahd a problem with a corner coming apart.

Good luck!

Just leave out the bottom corner screws on those last two sides. The bumps in the corner brackets will do fine at holding things together if there are screws in top of all the corner brackets.


Thanks cc4hldr, I think you have the magic fix! I can see how that would work and it cuts the upside down screw issues.

We use a comparable method and find it to be effective.