Assembling the Field

Ok so I know for a fact that my team is going to be lost when we get the field parts. Could somebody explain how to put the stationary goals in the field. I don’t understand how you actually attach the goals. Could somebody explain this or post a video?
Thank you very much.

There are base plates that have stand offs that go through the tiles. The stationary goals attache to these base plates. My 6th graders are pretty good at setting up the field - no video required. But we could shoot one of them disassembling the field tomorrow (have to pack up for summer).

That’s what we learned from the starstruck fence. Make sure you use the 1/2" standoffs to attach the goals to the base plates, long screws are not a good alternative. Everything else is pretty straightforward this year if you follow the field specifications appendix.

Oh so do we have no choice but to “destroy” the tiles? We kind of suspected this last year with the fence, but we thought that we were mistaken. Also, it would be great if you could record the video if its not too much trouble. Thanks a ton @lacsap

No, the standoffs in the base plates are meant to connect to the mobile goals by placing them between the edges of the tiles. No need to screw through them, or whatever you may have imagined. :slight_smile:

You can find our field assembly instructions through this link:

OOOOHHHHHH! That makes sooo much more sense. And thanks so much for that link as well. I didn’t even know there were assembly instructions. That is certainly better than drilling through the mats and having to replace them every time! :slight_smile:

I was wondering what the T15 wrench was for in the assembly? did anyone else not use it when assembling their fields?

The star drive wrench was used to screw in the screws used to secure the starting bar’s mounting gussets to the bar itself.

@AppleDavidJeans thank you!