Assembly Programming

I need to relearn assembly programming and think the Vex would be a good “lab” to learn on. Any ideas on how I might approach this?

The PIC18F8520 assembly is a reduced instruction set (RISC) so it is not that difficult to learn. You may want to develop a “wander” or “follow” behavior using state machines by reading the Vex sensors and issuing the appropriate commands to the Vex servos or motors.

Microchip’s MPLAB and the ICD2 debugger are also great tools for developing Vex software in both PIC18 C and PIC assembly (MPASM).If you are just learning assembly you may be interested in books written by Myke Predko on PIC assembly which you can find at the local bookstore or on the web. In it he discusses most of the Microchip Software Development suite including MPLAB and MPASM.