Assigning dual motors in the brain for manual operation

We are new to VEX EDR V5. The V5 brain has default positions built into them for manually operating the motors. Only the LEFT and RIGHT motors have two ports assigned for those respective functions. We need to assign another button on the remote to run two motors for a double conveyor belt. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

Sounds like you will need to write your own control code. VEXcode V5 blocks is likely the easiest to use for people with no previous programming experience. The built-in tutorials will probably cover doing what you want to do.


I have looked in VEXcode and there is a tutorial for assigning motors to port locations. Using that, I could write a software program that would run as many motors as I programmed. However, this doesn’t work for a manual operation with the remote control unless your executing a program, does it?

Well, yes, you will need to start the program before you can drive the robot, but that’s not really an impediment.

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