Assigning motor cartridge in vex code doesn't yield correct RPM

I know this is a MOST basic question but I just started with this system and I am confounded.
I’ve connected a blue (high speed) and red (high torque) motor to a brain and mapped them to the up/down and X/B buttons. I selected the motor type (color) when adding the devices in the Devices list.
Blue turns much slower than red. If I miss identify the blue motor as Red, it turns faster but doesn’t seem to be 600rpm.
It seems like I am missing something super basic. Also when I look at the text version of the block code I don’t see how the motor cartridge is declared.
I’ve looked for answers in other forum posts and have eliminated everything I could check, like the firmware.
Is there a setting I am missing?

Did you do the [MOTOR].setVelocity(x, [percent/rpm]); code? (If you are using C++ that’s what it would be.) Otherwise it’s similar in python and you can prob find the block in blocks. Declaring the cartridge in the devices menu doesn’t really do much, you have to set the velocity yourself. (ex. full speed blue motor would be 600 rpm, or 100%)

Agreed. Sounds like you are setting a target RPM and not percent.

The default motor speed in the automatically generated code is 50 rpm.

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Thank you! That’s a big help.