Assigning remote buttons

we would like to change what buttons on the remote control our claw. At this time it is using the E buttons and we would like to use the front Right buttons to do this. is this possible?

Milo, 4th grade, says go into Graphical C and change the arm control statement from the E-up and E-down to F1,F2.

I (adult) think you can unplug the cable from port 11 and plug it into port 4 which will give you control on the front right buttons. Here is an old note I have about the default buttons. Not sure where it came from, or if it is even correct. Sorry if this is totally made up.

Port 1- left joystick
Port 6- right joystick
Port 10- L1/L2
Port 4- R1/R2
Port 11- E1/E2
Port 5 F1/F2

Also, in driver control you can reverse the motors. Before selecting run, go down one to see what you can change. It’s very easy and you can be running in just a minute or two.

I am only really strict about using robot c for driver control if they have two motors lifting the same thing. You have to have one set of buttons controlling both motors in that case. You also have a lot more flexibility in robot c, as you could program a button to run small autonomous routines to make parts of the challenge much easier.

I can’t copy and paste for some reason, but the other port should be 6 not 2.