Assistance Sensors

Hey guys
So using python is there a way to set rotational sensors and inertial sensors to double check that the motor encoders are going the correct distance

Since this is programming support and nobody responded yet…
What sensors do you have available with you? And would it be possible to provide info about what you tried or code on what you have so far?

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Encoder wheels, or a rotation sensor connected to separate free-spinning wheel by a shaft, are what you are looking for. Put one encoder wheel on either side of your robot, and then you use the input of the rotation sensors to calculate the distance travelled by either side of your robot. If you need pictures, just look up encoder wheel on the search bar and check out some topics. Using an inertial sensor to calculate distance is not worth the effort (and very complex).

Rotation and inertial

line tracker

I don’t have access to line trackers