Assistance updating a variable in a "While == 1" loop

We’re looking for some help with some autonomous code that we’re writing.

At the moment, we have a “While == 1” loop within our autonomous code, and running through commands to make the motors turn. As we have the robot driving, We’re trying to make a variable update, specifically we are trying to make the rotations of an IME define to a variable that we can then use in some other functions.

However, when we actually try to run the function the variable updates only once, at the end of the driving blocks. This leads to problems, as you can imagine.

Can we get some advice on how to make the variable continuously update?

Without your code its hard to guess what you might have wrong. But, you may want to check out the drive function in smart tasks. Then you can just command distances and easyC will handle the code. If you want to fix your current code email support with a copy of your code.