Asus Eee

Our Science Oly team is considering purchasing the ASUS EEE to travel with us to be able to program our vex bot. Does anyone have any experience with this sub-notebook yet. Is easy c compatible with linux? Also, I’m not sure exactly how I would go about installing it since the ASUS EEE does not have an optical drive. It only has onboard flash memory as well as a memory card slot.

If anyone has used the EEE yet I would love to hear some feedback.

Well I recently purchased an Eee, in fact I am typing this from it. I don’t know whether or not EasyC can run on linux. You should check out the eeeuser forum at You can install windows on the Eee though. I would seriously look and see if you can get a cheap regular sized laptop. I’m guessing coding on the Eee would not be easy considering the small screen size.

off topic of your actual question, but does the EEE pc work good, ive heard lots of good things about it and i might be looking for just a quick computer for school

also it’s not too expensive so if it gets stolen it wont be as much of a lose

My idea is not really using the Eee to write the program, but to right the programs in our lab on the PC and use then copy them to the Eee so that we have a small unit to carry with us to competitions to be able to download different competitions.

I had called intellitek and easy C will not run with the linux OS so I would have to install XP which is a shame with the small memory and storage the I’m sure the linux OS would run better and leave more storage availabe. Although with the cheap costs of SD memory these days it would be easy to have few SD cards for extra storage.

Other than the small screen how do you like the Eee? The cheap price is appealing as my Science Olympiad team is not heavily funded. I also like the small size. Although you are paying a premium for the small size. For only $100 more I can buy a laptop that would be much more flexible with more memory and 160 Gig storage instead of 4, but I am really attracted to the small size and the flash memory so no moving parts.

Yea i was looking into the Eee pc so that i could have an onboard computer that could feed data back to the user or so that i could control it remotely.

I am putting the money into tools like plasma cutters and welders as i already have a bunch of computers.

As basicxman said

I have a very expensive gaming laptop and i never let it out of my sight at school so the Eee Pc sounds like a really good idea that way if it gets stolen you lose $400 instead of a multi thousand dollar notebook. Having a gaming machine in class has its benefits but running on battery is nasty with an nvidia 7800gtx it drains a 9 cell battery in like 30 minutes. Also bringing your own computer to class is the best, you can run all sorts of programs on it like putty so you can get around those pesky little internet blocks for youtube and all those other websites.

As for the a pc, i suggest getting a cheap laptop from walmart or bestbuy as the Eee pc is very tiny and you can install windows buy coding in easy c does not sound like a walk in the park on a 7 in screen. Sometimes cheap notebooks can be $400 with a 15" screen.

or look for a good sale, my laptop we got for $450 and its regular $800
it’s got:
Windows Vista Home Basic
Web Cam
15" screen
intel celeron 2.6GHz
100GB hardrive
5 in 1 memory card reader (soooooo useful)
3 USB Ports
Built-in WiFi
a 2hr battery

Yea, there are good sales all the time you just have to find them.

The asus Eee is cool but to make it easy c compatible you would have to install wine on linux and sometimes features or some programs will not work like you may be able to run easy c but you won’t be able to access a serial port to download the code.

And then you would have to install windows on a 900mhz processor with 512mb of ram, the ram is upgradeable for real cheap. You could get 2gb of ram for $50 if you wanted to upgrade the ram. So windows may run slow.

So when it comes down to it the Eee pc is good for note taking and web surfing/email but i would not use a 7in screen for on the fly programming.

Just go ahead and find a cheap pc, also check out EBAY EBAY EBAY they have IBM laptops bran new for $400 and you can get used ones for $125 in some cases.