At least it descores

Since people on the forum are revealing for nationals I decided to reveal one of our clubs robots.

Descoring is a big thing for their team, 1200J. When they qualified earlier this year they were the normal everyday consistent robot at the competition and they wanted to go out of the box and do something that has not been done in our region. Now that they have accomplished it they wanted to share it with you.

Other capabilities:
1 high speed ratio 393- top roller
1 torque ratio 393- descorer
2 1:5 torgue ratio 393s- six bar linkage
6 high speed ratio 393s- raised drivetrain
2 one way pistons- launcher
3 tanks
2 dual action pistons- low hang with ball

The team has asked to wait to unveil pictures and videos until after the US Open. You can still visit 1200J’s pit table at the US Open for any further questions.

Broken links?

Very cool.

Can it de-score any deeper than the blue ball? Could it reach down and pull up any of the red balls?

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Can it actually descore more than the very top ball?

It looks like some type of tank tread mechanism underneath the buckyball hopper but i’m not sure. I’ll definitely be stopping by to see this interesting design since its very different from our descorer! Good luck guys:)

I thought this was the bot that “licked the objects out”… my second thought was it was an April fools joke…

based on where the hanging hook is placed my guess is that the hook snaps forward pnuematically and the belt under the hopper snaps forward with it allowing it to sink into the cylinder and descore.:confused:

It probably articulates using pneumatics (remember, pneumatics only have a 2 inch spring or something like that), then uses the motor to push in.

I didn’t think the top robot skills driver would post, but to answer the question it can take more out.

It is not made of tank tread. It is made out of precision lexan:D
I knew you would make something to take out the objects.

That is a good descorer in Utah. It is kind of a an April fools joke to lighten up the mood, a teaser, and a reveal.

So how many can you pull out? Ours doesn’t use a motor and can get 4 out right now;)

That is because you don’t have a six bar.
It can descore three. They think most robots will score in threes. The ones below a group of three could be the other color so they didn’t go any further.

Not to start another reveal but can yours hang too?

Very nice descoring mechanism, any video of it in action? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will reveal the full descorer and other concepts the SMC club has tested after the US Open. I will hopefully have videos and statistics also. The part that plunges into the goal is not actually in the picture:p but everything that makes it work is.
This was more of fun pre-US Open teaser but thanks for the compliment.
You can still guess how it works though DracoTheDragon is getting close because it was inspired by the team in Utah.

Yes, it can. As one of the members on the team, we feel confident with our ability to descore a total of 3.

Obviously like a lot of bots, we are still fine tuning it. We are always striving to try and make it better.
Thank you everyone for the kind words. This will be our team’s first time coming to National’s, so we are all looking forward to getting the chance to meet and talk with anyone and everyone. :smiley:

Wait… are you that Utah team that can descore three top buckies? I’ve seen the Utah state championship video aand I am completely shocked by the descorer.

Nice job Nate! He has been working hard on this for the past couple of months and I believe he is ready to show the world (or at least the nationals) how this descorer can work. Descore three is easy, the fourth one down takes a little bit of an effort.

YES - low hang with a ball using pneumatics.

Does anyone have a link to the robot in Utah that can descore? I would like to see how it works.

Here is the one in Utah ->

No, the 1200 teams are from Wisconsin.

Here’s a quick look at our U.S. Open Robot. This doesn’t show much but its something!:slight_smile:

Wow. Could you descore more?