Attached images are missing

Dear webmasters, attachment images in the posts older than several weeks all seem to be broken. This makes a lot of posts relying on pictures and graphs for illustration pretty much useless.

Are you aware of this problem and what would be the estimated time frame for fixing it?

Here is an example of the thread where you couldn’t see attached images even with additional clicks:

A few weeks ago, we experienced a problem with one of our servers that caused the VEX forums to be completely hidden from guests. We were able to solve this problem, but in the process were forced to revert to a backup, which caused some images to be lost.

Good news: This problem should never happen again.
Bad news: There is nothing that we can do to recover these images.

We appreciate you bringing this up, and apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

  • Dillon
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@DRow thank you for the quick, even though unfortunate answer. Being involved with robotics we all understand that unexpected hardware failures cold happen at most inconvenient times and it takes time to get everything right.