Attaching a cutout gear

A strange request, but how might I go about attaching the cut out 84t gears about a spinning axis? I still need to have at least most of the space on the inside of the gears, but so far have been completely unable to come up with any decent solution.


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Here is an idea that I came up . Basically there will be 1 shaft driven gear. The gear will then transmit the motion using standoffs to the hollow gear. This way the spaces inside can be preserved and it can be driven. The stand-off length can be adjusted to fit the space needed

I like your idea, except there’s on problem. It has to be hollow on the inside all the way through both of those gears, kinda like on Icewave
That’d be the only way to suspend something over the top of a spinning object; the top piece would have to be held and supported only by structures that are on the inside of the spinning object.

What about a planetary gear setup around the gears

The smaller gears will have a small piece extruding outward so it holds the gear from falling off


Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. Thanks a million :slightly_smiling_face:

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