Attaching license plates with hinges

Our team was thinking of using hinges to attach our license plates because, why not. We thought it would be okay but we just wanted to be sure.

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As long as it satisfies the guidelines in the game manual, you can mount your license plate however you please.


There is these pop in and out things that come with the plates or they are from Iq or something but they work well because you can just pop the plates on and Off to switch colors. I think they’re called connector pins.


hey i actually read the rules and it says that the license plates(If they are screwed on to the other color) it says that it has to be clear what alliance you are in so you would have to tape over the other license plate and it has to fit into the 18" boundary and not cause entanglement. Iff you don’t believe me here’s the passage:14%20PM


I would be a little concerned that if the plates are on hinges they may flip accidentally during a match if you rub against another bot. You would also need to cover the back of both plates.