Attaching Paracord to Gears and Metal?


I’m currently attempting a ripper style robot, but with paracord. I haven’t worked with paracord before, so I’m wondering how I would go about attaching paracord to a gear to get it to wind and unwind when I am trying to pull my intake up and down. Also, when attaching my intake to the paracord, would I just tie a knot at the ends of the intake.
Any other advice with paracord would be greatly appreciated as well!


Unless the paracord is 1/8" braided nylon rope, it’s illegal to use in competition. Unless a material you’re using falls under an <R7> exception, you can only use VEX components, and paracord is not a VEX component.

Paracord usually is 1/8" braided nylon.

Where do you find 1/8" paracord? I’ve only ever been able to find 5/16".

You can find it on Amazon

I always thought that the center core strands made paracord different than the VEX braided nylon rope so it was illegal.

The rule isn’t identical to VEX nylon rope. It is anything labeled as 1/8" inch nylon rope.

Closest relevant QA I could find

Back onto the original question,
I found a picture of pretty much what I am attempting to do.

They have a custom pulley with 2 gears and rubber bands in the middle. Would spinning the gears also spin the rope that is attached?

Yes, provided it is tight enough. The rubber bands are really necessary because they add the friction that grips the rope and moves it.

@321A Thanks, that answered my question perfectly