Attaching shooting mechanism

We are trying to attach a shooting mechanism similar to team 929W’s. We were viewing the youtube video and we are unable to see where it is attached. Perhaps they are using a mystical potion that allows for shooting mechanism flotation. In all seriousness, is there anybody who has an idea of where the little bugger is attached? I have attached the link to the video. Please help!!! Thank you!

BL Sang
JPII High School:)

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I think it is just two 5x25x1 pieces of metal with the gears in between and the shaft sticking out for the flywheel. Probably attached via a hinge or something to the main base.

can’t speak for 929W but robots on our team with similar shooters have used the 45 degree angle brackets that vex makes, they are usualy used for building x drives but they work for this as well, alternatively, what my team has done is we took a piece of C channel, cut the small side walls, and then bent it at the cut, then we put a bar plate diagonal across it forming a triangle