Attaching siderollers with a lexan glass bottom to a six bar

We have everything done… and we have come to another speed bump. We thought about it all day yesterday and still we have come up with nothing. is there a stable way to attach a plate onto a six bar and keep it about 30 to 45 degrees down? All replies are appreciated!

We used couplers, standoffs, and locking collars to make it work.

This, my friend, is an interesting question. I personally recommend that you attach the side rollers at one point of contact on the last vertical bar of the lift at you desired height, and you also must attach a bar running from the top of your last vertical lift bar to the back of your chamber. That is of course if you use a chamber.

For the side rollers to work you should have a tray that fit in between the two sides of your lift. We mount our side rollers on the side of the tray and they flip down when we move. We haven’t had any problems with it them flipping back up and it is nice if we come down quickly from the wall they will pivot up so we don’t have to back up all the way.