Attaching standoff perpendicular to a screw

Hi, I’m wondering how to attach a standoff 90 degrees to a screw, I prefferably do not want to glue or weld anything together. Any suggestions?

the picture attached already answers your question, just remove the set screw from a shaft collar and attach a standoff to it using a larger set screw


But the set screw is too small of a diameter to fit in the standoff

So purchase some standoff connectors (basically smaller screws without the heads) or use a screw to go through the whole standoff (I would not recommend this)


I’ll see if I can make it work with a normal sized set screw and a little threadlocker…

Just don’t put too much force on it then :grimacing: it’s not hard to rip out the first few threads of a stand-off


Or cut the head off of a screw

Yes, but if not done carefully could damage the screw thread. It’s best to just buy the standoff connectors and not waste time trying to cut screws (which were not designed to be cut by teams in the first place).


Okay, I will try it, if not I hope my teacher will let me buy some connectors, if not I’ll try to convince him to let me epoxy/glue the parts together

keep in mind that if this is for a competition robot, any forms of attachment using something like glue, epoxy, tape, welding, ect are illegal.

and if not for a competitive robot, glue and epoxy still would be a structurally weak solution.


If you have the right tools available, cutting screw heads is just fine, just depends on how you do it. If you do it and really want to make sure it’s right just make sure to cut it nice and straight and possibly keep an 8-32 die around to fix any broken threads. (If you are at a school, the maintenance department will probably have a tap and die set, you can also buy individual 8-32 dies on amazon for around 6 bucks, you would need some way to hold the die though.).


never knew, Are you sure the set screw for a collar can fit in a standoff?
from what I remember it can’t since the standoff screw sizes are larger than the set screw. Am I mistaken?

the thread size in shaft collars is identical to the thread size in standoffs.


Okay, thank you! Our team is starting building next week, just wanted to get all the technical details out of the way :slight_smile:

My team has done this multiple times. It’s not bad. Just cut it with pretty much anything, and thread a nut all the way from the other end to fix the threads.

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All you need is buy #8-32 x 1.000" Hex Drive Coupler (25-pack) from VEX. And replace set screw with them.


We assemble these by removing the set screw from a collar and placing it on a screw driver. Then, we screw a coupler inside the collar. Tighten the standoff to the collar, use a wrench or pliers to make sure the standoff is tight to the collar, maybe even a drop of Loctite.

I’ve found this to be the most consistent way to assemble these. Let me know if it worked!