Attachment Rivets?

We’ve always used nuts and bolts for mounting bearing flats. For MS students with limited practice time, it’s a lot of extra nuts and bolts, often in awkward spots, to tighten. Has anyone used the attachment rivets and how did they work out?

They are fine for quick prototyping and might be OK for some low stress situations, but that is far as I would go with them.

They suck

They’re quick to put in but if it ever needs to be moved they are next to impossible to get out.



They really are not worth the time savings they seem to imply. They either fall out, or never come out… just avoid them as much as you can. And above all, do not tell your students to use them, ever. If they chose to, fine, but teach them the right ways from the start.

Easy to get on, and in our experience, loosen themselves so much that you can just pull them out with your fingers. To echo above, good for Q&D prototyping, but not good for a competition robot (or maybe only in very low-stress usage).

Well I guess that clears it up. Thanks all :slight_smile:

dont use 'em, just trust me

This works much better than rivets. It’s practically as good as screws if you get the zip tie tight:

Version 2.jpg

+1 we do this all the time and it works great

I’ve never seen that before. We’ll look at it. Thanks.