Attatching rubber bands

Hello, I’m the team captain of team 7589B. My team was wondering as to how we could actually attatch our rubber bands.
Basically, we know where to attatch the rubber bands, but how do we actually keep them attatched while still having the ability to add or adjust the rubber bands? Just looking for some suggestions for what you guys have done.

We have tried using a screwed-in standoff to keep the elastics in place, but they are hard to adjust as both sides are attatched to the tower.

If possible, provide pictures just to make things easy(easier) to understand, thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:

Note: I am not demanding information, I just think it would also help other teams that might have a similar problems

We attach our rubber bands to two standoffs screwed between our towers. We attach one side to a short standoff on the arm, pull it around the standoff on the tower, and then attach the other side to the same standoff on the arm. We repeat this on the other arm. We usually get about two rubber bands on each arm, which works pretty well for us.

We use standoffs, but if you are looking for some extra security I generally screw one of the thin nylon spacers on the end. That definitely helps keep them from falling off. Also, if you use a long screw, you can add a nylok on the very end of it. That gives you the screw as real estate for the rubber bands and then the nylok on the end as an extra “bulge” to keep the band from falling off. Either of those should work :slight_smile:

We use a fairly long screw, with black spacers on the middle section and white nylon spacers at the ends to keep rubber bands from falling off. This can be done with standoffs too where you can just add nylon spacers to the ends, but it is up to you.

yikes i should probably read the thread before i comment. On the bright side i shared a picture of it in action so i guess my post wasn’t totally redundant.