Attempted to upload uninitialized error

Hi, I am currently using PROS through the VS Code extension on Mac(M1). I’ve been having some issues but managed to solve quite a few of them. However, when I try to upload a project to the brain, I get this error
ERROR - pros.cli.upload:upload - Device NACK'd with reason: Attempted to download/upload uninitialized
All I have coded is basic clawbot controls as test code. Anyone know why I may be encountering this? Thanks!

Make sure to save all files before attempting any uploads. Unsaved files should be recognizable by the white dot at the top of the VS code window.

After saving all edited files, go to the PROS extension, click on “Integrated Terminal”, and then in the terminal type:

pros make clean all


pros mu

Hope this solves your problem!

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For anyone curious, I ended up fixing the issue. Originally, I installed PROS through homebrew and installed the application for it using atom. I then switched over to the VS code extension. I believe something was interfering between the two and after deleting the atom application, I was able to upload normally.