Attemt to Reconnect Failed - Check Hardware

Hey guys,

I am updating this Cortex I found in our storage, but it gives me this error after attempting to write on secotr 8"

Attemt to Reconnect Failed - Check Hardware


What are you downloading? Firmware, or a program you wrote? What are you using to download?

I’m trying to put a new firmware on the cortex through the vex net updater

Are you connected directly with a usb A to A cable?

Yes I am. from the laptop to the cortex.

OK. Make sure to read through this before doing anything. Follow the steps exactly.

Disconnect the cortex from everything. Plus in a battery, but don’t turn the cortex on.

Hold down the Configure button with a paperclip or something.

Turn the cortex on while still holding down the button. Hold it for 10 seconds after the cortex has been turned on. Release the button, plug in the cortex and try to download the firmware again. It may help to have someone help you.

Hope it works. If nothing happens just try it again.