Attending as spectators

Does anyone know whether spectators who are not affiliated with a qualifying team will have access to the venue, and if so, what would be the cost? Being at Disney, I’m not sure whether we’d be expected to pay for park tickets (which we wouldn’t use). Also, would spectators be allowed to visit the pits?

For the first time, we’re a (kinda sorta) reasonable drive from Worlds, and the idea of seeing the best bots in the world without the pressure to perform has some appeal. We could probably get there for all of Saturday without even having to miss any school (though it would make for “interesting” nights for the drivers).

The Anaheim Convention Center is NOT part of Disney. There is no charge for admission, although you will have to pay for parking. The pits are also open to the public.

Just wondering, how much is parking? I couldn’t find it on the anaheim convention center website.

*Edit: Nevermind I found it $15 a day with no in/out privileges

Thanks! The team sounds enthused, and the cost sounds quite reasonable, even the parking.