Attending Nationals?

I’m just curious to see how many outside Omaha are going to be at nationals? Its should be some stiff competition, definitely looking forward to it.

We haven’t decided yet between Worlds or Nationals. Nationals is a lot closer and less expensive, but Worlds is… well, Worlds. There was even talk, if we have the funding, of going to both.

If we go to Nationals, we’ll be in the Middle School division. And we’ll be very formidable!

You better hurry up and decide. The middle school division has only 4 spots left. I definitely will be there.

we will be attending nationals, and are petty excited. Should be a good competition.

My team (323B) will be attending as a middle school team. Hope to see familiar faces!

Can’t wait for US Nationals!

Edit: I forgot to mention that our other middle school team (323C TechStorm) will also be attending!

There are many teams coming to the middle school division from our state. Most of these are from Highland Park.

My “Team” will be attending nationals as well. see you guys on the court.

1200F will be there, we’re lookin forward to it, probably putting vids of our bot up soon

Hey, it’s nice to see a familiar team coming! Have you won any competition since Wildstang Regional?

Yea, our home tournament at SMC. In qualifying rounds Syntax Error was ranked first, and we were ranked 2nd.

They picked us and we just cleaned up. Easy tourney champions. We’re competing at xavier this weekend as well and we’re hoping for another strong tourney

If it was easy tournament you wouldn’t have lost a semi-final match to my alliance, and a final match to 1200E.

You wouldn’t have gone to the 3rd match in semi-finals and finals if it was an easy tournament.

You guys did good, but don’t be cocky.

Yah, I wouldn’t say easy. We were the first team to take them to 3 in the finals…You guys still won, but we did give you a run.

alright, no need to get mad, the point of the thread is, we’re goin to nationals, who else is goin?

3 middle school teams from Galveston, TX are going to Nationals.

Well, my teams are from Omaha…but we have five teams going from Omaha North.
1064A, B, C, E, and F.

Should be some great competition, if its anything like last year.

We haven’t qualified yet I will de:(finitely volunteer though however much I want to go ive never helped at a robotics comp before and I want to give the idea a try I definitely will be there

The Champions last year from GALVESTON,TX will be there again this time with THREE TEAMs! and we have 2 high school teams from texas

Hows your robot doing this year? We dominated nationals last year. :smiley:
If you want any video of the finals I got a ton.
Team 985B

My team will not be attending, but a very simple way to see who is going to this event is, go to robot events. link —>
You look under your event, and you can see at the very bottom who is attending the competition. From the looks of it some powerhouse teams are 12’s, 40’s, 404’s, 508’s, 1200F, 2460, 3018, 3141, also a lot of other good teams that i probably don’t know by heart. By the way good luck to all of you guys at nationals, and my team is looking forward to seeing you all at worlds. Good luck and i hope this helps. :slight_smile:

We 4805 are attending both Nationals and World. It is expensive but worth it. We have the Parma match this week and it should be a stiff competition as well.